Z Hotel – Shenzhen, China

Sorry for the lack of postings as I have been busy with jobs and eatwithroy stuff. Will try to update more over here when I can!

Z Hotel came across as a very nice boutique hotel in Shenzhen and it is very centrally located and near to much amenities. But as usual, pictures are pictures after all. May not be the same when you’re there. Anyways I needed a couple of nights in Shenzhen while I was there for my meetings with my partner and this was probably one of the affordable ones.

Review – Rooms are pretty spacious and carpet was a little worn. Good thing is they have toiletries and quite complete.

Amenities – Nothing much.

Service – Ok only.

Sleep Quality – Beds are hard lah as usual. Good for my back so not complaining.

Breakfast – Very simple

RTS (Return To Stay) – Maybe only.

Overall – 3.5/5.

Contact Details – http://www.ctrip.sg/hotels/shenzhen-hotel-detail-536405/z-hotel-shenzhen-zhongxin/


Clearing Up the Air

I got a message from my friend recently and he was asking about my previous post on the World Club Room at Genting Highlands (http://wp.me/p2BhOI-4T). I answered his questions and recommended him the place. He thought I was getting paid for all my write ups on sleepwithroy and eatwithroy.com!

No no no, I have not been getting paid for any write ups nor any ads on my sites to date since I started in 2009 (maybe later I might to earn some passive income!) I do get invitations to write up on places and restaurants and usually I would mention if I was invited or not on the first paragraph. And even if I am invited for such events, I would write accordingly to my taste buds or what I see and witness. Because to me, if you dare to do a media invite, you should be ready for criticisms especially the constructive ones for you to do corrective actions to your menu or hotel.

So there you have it, hope I have cleared the air. Thank you for the high readership so far guys, it’s been climbing like mad especially after the 100k mark! You guys are awesome!

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy

Resort Hotel – Genting Highlands, Malaysia

It’s been a long time since I stayed at this hotel. Heard it’s renovated recently and tada! I’m here to check it out. Checking in during this off peak season is such a breeze, peak periods one can wait for 3-4 hours just to check in. I asked for the highest 18th floor as the air is better and the rooms are all renovated. Check out the pics below, I was wonderfully surprised:

IMG_3230-0 IMG_3265


I was standing in the toilet while shooting this pic. Actually quite clever ‘cos for someone from after shower, he/she can retrieve the hanging one for towels.

016 017 018 019 020 035 034 033

Review – Rooms are spacious and really good after the renovation! Love the bathroom, very spacious too! Request for higher floors, the other levels are not renovated yet.

Amenities – Not bad.

Service – Very good

Sleep Quality – Beds are comfy.

Breakfast – Not included in my rental.

RTS (Return To Stay) – Definitely yes!

Overall – 4.5/5.

Contact Details – Booked through Genting’s website.