About Big Roy

After my successful run of eatwithroy.com foodblog, I might as well start writing on the places I’ve stayed in since I travel so much right? However, I wanna make this blogsite for hotels and accomodations a very interactive one, reporting only genuine stuff I’ve experienced and condemning those who do not fulfill what they promised to the consumers. Profanities might flow so for those who cannot take it, I apologize first. You may choose to leave after reading this. 🙂

So happy reading my friends, will try to write as much as I can during my spare time! If you like what you read, please share on your FB timeline, Twitter or other social media tools. Others might benefit from my bad experiences. 🙂

Check out my other blogs as well:

If you like what I write on my travels, technology (for layman), food and hotels and want me to write for some sites, magazines, social media, etc., feel free to email me at sleepwithroy@gmail.com.


Big Roy

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