Wilby Residences Bukit Timah – Singapore

Wilby Residences Bukit Timah, unknown to many is actually a full fletch service apartment. Unknown also to many, this whole plot of real estate belongs to Tan Chong International… yes, the Nissan cars exclusive dealer in Singapore for over 5 decades.

So I had the opportunity to experience a 3-day stay in one of their one room apartment. There are a total of 180 apartments here but 108 are one room apartments (800+sft) and the rest are 3-room ones. The one-room ones are huge! Check out the pics below of rooms and facilities:

Card access keys


Entrance from door

Living room

Living Room too


Kitchen. Love the space and so well equipped. No condiments only.

Washer and Dryer


Room from wardrobe

Room to Bath




Private lot


Biz Lounge

Work stations

Brekkie. Breads are from Asanoya… will be talking about their breads later on eatwithroy.com. Yes, they are also part of Tan Chong International. Surprise!

Simple brekkie

Things I would eat

Dunno why they use dessert forks only.

Small space

Rating: 4.5/5.

Rooms: The one room apartments are huge. I can’t image the 3 room ones. For a 20 year old property, I must say it is very well taken care of. Because it’s old, the bath tubs are also pretty high. Not kids and old folks friendly. Maybe they can get a small stool for easy getting in and out.

Service: Was greeted by an old staff Herman, who obviously knows the property inside out. Gave us valuable information and tips on nearby amenities.

Cleanliness: Very clean. All staff working there are Tan Chong’s own staff… very dedicated.

Ambience: Very nice surroundings. Very near the German International school.

Brekkie: Simple but sufficient. Asanoya breads are offered. ’nuff said. But why the small dessert forks? No other cutlery in sight.

Parking: Private lot allotted and ample parking.

Rates: Check here for prevailing rates. https://www.wilbyresidences.com/en/promo/. They only rental weekly and long term.

Contacts: https://www.wilbyresidences.com/en/contact/?pg=contact

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